A little about me…

Have you ever been fascinated with the beautiful country of Spain? Do you want to find the most unique parts of Spain, and experience parts of the culture such as the cuisine and different customs? Look no further!

My name is Billy Marks, and this spring semester I will be studying abroad in Cáceres, Spain. I am very excited to go and see all that Spain (and Europe) has to offer! I will be studying Spanish during my time abroad. I chose to go to Spain because I have always been so interested in the country and have wanted to travel there ever since I started studying Spanish 6 years ago.

I am currently a junior attending Iowa State University. I am double majoring in biology and Spanish. I currently live in Minnesota with my family, which is myself, my little sister Olivia, my parents, Kelly and Bill, and our dog, Louie. Some of my hobbies and interests include following many sports (my favorites are football, baseball, and wrestling), binge watching the best shows Netflix has to offer, new clothes (mostly sweaters), exercising regularly and staying healthy, and spending time with my amazing girlfriend, Ellie!

The main reason I am writing my blog is to allow my friends and family to see all of the fun stuff that I am getting to do while I am abroad. In addition to that, I hope that this blog inspires readers to get out there and go explore the world around us. It is a beautiful place, and we are very lucky that we share it with so many people who are different, yet also the same, compared to us in the United States!


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