Climbing the mountain

Hey, guys! It has been a while since I posted an update. Having been here for a couple weeks now, everything in Caceres just doesn’t seem quite as fun and shareable as it did before.

This weekend, we just stayed back at home in Caceres. We mostly just bar hopped on the evenings. It was incredibly packed everywhere this past weekend! Overall, it was a ton of fun.

This past Monday, I and a couple of the girls on the trip went on a hiking trip together up the biggest mountain in the city. It was such a beautiful day! 60 plus degrees and not a cloud in the sky. From where we began our hike, it was probably a solid 30 to 45 minute hike up this damn thing! The views were more than rewarding though.

At the very top, we could see for miles. We could see all of the city, and the beautiful scenery surrounding it. There was a statue of Jesus Christ, as well as a church. The church was merely a tiny chapel, yet when I stepped foot inside of it, my breath was taken immediately. Above the altar was a sculpted mural of angels, as well as Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.

Here are some pictures of the scenery that I got to enjoy during the hike!


The beginning of our hike!


Views from about halfway up!


Had to take a selfie at the very top!


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