When I first started studying Spanish in high school, we learned about this city in Spain called Sevilla, where during Easter week, there is a huge celebration that includes ceremonies almost every day, as well as parades. Since then, it had been my dream to see this historic city for myself. And this weekend, my dream came true!!

Our entire group took a short weekend (we had class Friday to make up for a day that we missed) to go through Seville together! We all left on Friday and rented hostels that were all pretty much in the center of all the parts of the city that we wanted to see. Friday night, we all went and got tapas at a little cafe. I had swordfish and Galician-style octopus, both of which were absolutely amazing!

Saturday morning, we went and got coffee around 9. I finally got some Starbucks here! It’s really funny how in Caceres there aren’t any Starbucks, but in Seville, there was one at almost every corner it seemed like. Anyways, we started off by checking out Seville’s cathedral, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. The larger part of the cathedral didn’t open until around 11 am, so we went into the smaller part of the cathedral that is still used for mass around 10 am. It was very beautiful, but absolutely didn’t compare to the rest of the cathedral. It is absolutely enormous! When this cathedral was built, they pretty much shot for the biggest and most beautiful cathedral possible as a means to demonstrate how wealthy the city was at the time. In fact, in the cathedral lies the grave of Christopher Columbus’ son, with the site of his grave being covered in gold.

We got to climb up Giralda, which is a giant bell tower attached to the cathedral. It was a lot bigger than we expected. We all inched up 37 flights of stairs in line with everyone, but when we got to the top, the views were exceptional! As soon as we got up there, however; the bell went off, which caught us all by surprise and was incredibly loud. After Giralda, we went into the Court of Oranges, which is just a huge courtyard full of orange trees.

After that, we all broke off to eat lunch. While walking and looking for a place to eat lunch, I enjoyed watching all of the street performers. You can find them anywhere throughout the city, and they range from traditional flamenco dancing (which was created in Seville) to breakdancing, magic, or even just people posing for hours on end. Kyle, Pierce, Nolan, and I opted for a restaurant right across from the University of Seville. I had a mojito and pad thai, which honestly was probably one of the better ones I ever had. During our lunch, one of the street vendors tried to talk us all into buying some sunglasses. His method was pretty flawed though. He would just put the glasses on us and tell us to give him 15 euros. He ended up convincing Nolan to buy a pair for 5 euros. After eating, we met up at a little coffee shop by the Plaza Mayor, and started making our way to the Plaza de España. There, we walked around and I admired all of the architecture and a flamenco street performance for a while!

After hanging around there for a while, we went back to the hostel to get our soccer tickets, as we all bought tickets to the FC Sevilla soccer game against SD Eibar! The stadium here is one of the largest, behind only Madrid’s and Barcelona’s stadiums. The game was an absolute party! The fans just sang and clapped almost the entire game. Even David was getting super into all of the songs! I actually ended up sitting next to an American guy at the game named Robert, who was just traveling for a short break from classes (he’s a teacher in Fort Lauderdale, FL). After some talking, Pierce actually found out that Robert’s cousin graduated from his high school a year before he did. Small world! Robert has done a lot of traveling, so I picked his brain for a little bit about places we should go. He told me that if I didn’t go to Morocco, that I was wasting a perfectly good opportunity to see an amazing country! We exchanged emails after the game.

After the game, we decided to indulge on some McDonald’s, but after that were all too tired to go do anything, so went back to the hostel. Seville is known to have some of the best clubs and discos in Spain, and they are all definitely worth checking out if you can muster the strength after a day of exploring!

On Sunday, a lot of our group left pretty early in the day; by like 3 pm. Pierce and I both had bus tickets for 8:30 pm, and two girls, Joi and Emily, had tickets for 7 pm. So we just walked around and actually got lost in the city! We got to try agua de Sevilla, a famous cocktail from the city that has quite a kick to it! We ended up finding our way, and went to the bus station around 6:30 to decompress from a weekend well spent.

Seville was absolutely amazing.  I got about a day and a half or so to explore all that the town had to offer. I definitely wish that we had a little more time, as I didn’t get to go through the Álcazar de Sevilla (the palace) along with a couple other sites, but seeing everything is definitely possible to do in a day and a half to two days time. One hundred percent a city you MUST visit if you plan on visiting Spain!



First part of the cathedral!



A little glimpse of the cathedral courtyard!



Walking to the other side of the cathedral!



What an entrance!



Most of the cathedral is just on display now. Here are some of the Baroque-style paintings in the cathedral.



This is the other part of the cathedral. It is mostly just for display!



Me and Pierce (and some other tourists)



Who was better, the photographer or the models?!


Climbing up the cathedral tower.


Halfway up!


The view was worth the 38 flights of stairs.



Had to stop in the middle of the street for this one.



Plaza Mayor!



Carlos was feeling the camera.



Recharging the batteries in front of el Plaza Mayor and getting ready to explore some more!


Natalia, David, y Nolan.



Portuguese embassy



Seville’s Plaza de España. Pretty much every city has a.) a Plaza de España and b.) a Plaza Mayor.


Cool plaza, better selfie.



Some families and couples enjoying a nice row around the plaza!



Representing Caceres in the plaza!



FC Sevilla’s stadium, Estado Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.



The stadium was so sweet, I just had to take a selfie in front of it!



This stadium holds some 70,000 people; one of the largest in Spain.



Play ball!

Some pictures from my phone:


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